Bob Boze Bell's The Illustrated Life & Times of

Bob Boze Bell's
The Illustrated Life and Times of Doc Holliday


"...a total milestone. I've never been more impressed!"
- Jim Chamberlain, Publisher, Trails End Magazine

"It boils down to this: His books are fun to read!"
- Jerry Meyers, Wild West Magazine

- Bob Fenster, The Arizona Republic


Finally, a compelling, accurate look at the Old West's most famous dentist. This profusely illustrated, full color book is loaded with rare photos -- the photograph of Doc with his mother (pictured here) has never been published before. Over eighty additional color illustrations by the author help flesh out Doc Holliday and his world so that we can almost smell and hear Tombstone, Dodge City and all the frontier boom towns he frequented. Also included is the most detailed and illustrated account of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral ever published!
If you have seen the recent movies Tombstone and Wyatt Earp you no doubt have many questions about Doc.
  • Did Doc Holliday kill Johnny Ringo like he did in the movie "Tombstone?" 
  • Were the movies accurate when it came to Wyatt Earp and Doc's relationship? 
    • Did Doc really fire three shots from a double-barrel shotgun like he did in "Tombstone?" 
  • Who's better--Val Kilmer as Doc in "Tombstone" or Dennis Quaid as Doc in "Wyatt Earp?" 
    • What happened to Big Nose Kate? 
    All these questions and more are answered in this comprehensive and historically accurate look at Doc Holliday. Written in a no-nonsense, straight ahead style, this revolutionary, new style history book is informative for young and old alike.

    Doc Holliday was a frontier bum, a gambler, a diseased drunk and a cold blooded killer. Do you agree that Doc deserves a national Holiday?
    You could call it Holliday's Holiday.
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